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14.How will I maintain the good looks of my newly restored floor?

  • Wooden flooring finishes require nothing more than sweeping or vacuuming. Simply sweep, vacuum, or dust-mop at least once a week to minimize damage caused by dirt, sand, and grit. (Such particles act like sandpaper, scratching and dulling wood floors). The use of a broom with fine, exposed bristles will help trap and remove grit.
  • Place rugs or floor mats at entrances to reduce dirt being transferred to the flooring and shake them out frequently.
  • Furniture points in contact with the floor (I.e. Chair legs) should be fitted with felt pads to reduce scuff or scratch marks.
  • When vacuuming, it is recommended to use a brush attachment, since beater bars can damage a floor’s finish.
  • It would be recommended to lightly damp-mop the floor (Too much water may cause the floor to swell, warp or discolour) using a dilute mixture of wood cleaner and water to remove spills and foot tracks. General household cleaners may abrade and dull the floor finish.
  • By frequently assessing the floor’s condition and taking into account seasonal conditions the lifespan of the floor can be considerably prolonged

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