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Can A Water damaged floor be Restored

Hiring a professional sanding and restoration company will ensure that your floor sanding work is undertaken by highly skilled sanding craftsmen, using the right equipment for producing a great result, therefore giving you the best chance to save your floor and consequently saving you money on the need to purchase a new floor .This is a photogragh of the below water damaged floor , fully sanded and restored.

Water and Moisture damage to Wood Floors.

Dampness in Wood Floors – Leaks

A common cause of dampness or water damage to a wooden floor is a leak in an adjoining room that travels underneath the floor and makes its way into the area underneath the wooden floor. Modern conveniences such as dishwashers, washing machines and showers are very often the cause of leaks such as this. Unfortunately, this type of problem can go unnoticed for a long time, often leading to the complete destruction of the wood floor.

Water Damage to Wood Floors – Sub Floor Issues

Some water damage issues are caused by sub floor problems. these mostly involve old or damaged damp proof membranes. Many parquet block floors were bedded in bitumen. Bitumen served not only as the adhesive but also as the method of damp proofing. The problem is that with age bitumen becomes brittle and the wooden blocks become loose. It’s good to know that layers of bitumen on the sub floor and on the back of the blocks will be enough to prevent moisture damage. However, when our floor sanding craftsmen are repairing a wood floor like this using modern adhesives it is important to make sure that the adhesives are not only compatible with bitumen but also that any potential dampness is investigated and taken care of.

Moisture Damage to Wood Floors – Incorrect Cleaning

A third common cause of water damage to wood floors is caused by day to day cleaning. Cleaning a wood floor requires very little moisture, a small amount of a ph neutral wood floor cleaning product and the sensible use of a quality microfiber mop are all that is required to keep wood floors looking good. Allowing excess water to sit on the floor can cause water damage over time.

Water Damage to Wood Floors – Air Humidity

Many people are unaware that water damage to wood floors can also be caused by excess air humidity. Wood stays in equilibrium with the moisture in the air so if there is too much moisture in the air there will be too much moisture in the wood too. Excess humidity can occur naturally, but often humidity is caused by either the shower, tumble drier or cooker. Thankfully the solution is as simple as opening the window!

underfloor heating and solid wood flooring?


As popularity increases with the installation of under floor heating, we felt it would be useful to talk about solid wood floors alongside under floor heating. We would not recommend  solid wood flooring  in a room where there are fluctuations in moisture and temperature ,such as bathrooms and kitchens, this is because when temperatures and moisture levels increase , solid wood expands, and when the temperature and moisture levels drop the wood contacts, when expansion and contraction of the wood is frequent, it can start to cup and bow and gaps can appear in your floor, spoiling the look of the floor

With underfloor heating the temperature is regularly changing so your solid wood flooring is regularly expanding and contracting and the fact that wood is a natural insulator you could start to get problems, a better option would be to choose an engineered wood floor, which is constructed in a way as to restrict significant expansion and contraction in  extreme conditions, so is a better choice for installation over under floor heating.

Wooden floors and Allergies


Wooden Floors and their benifits for allergy sufferes …

Allergies to dust, pollen and pet hair are a relatively modern phenomenon, some experts have even described allergies as a 21st Century epidemic because the prevalence of allergic disease has risen so dramatically in recent years, most people know at least one family member who suffer from allergy symptoms of some kind. There is no doubt that making a few simple alterations to your home or office can significantly reduce the symptoms of asthma and other allergic reactions.

Carpets attract dust, pet hair and other kinds of  nasty microbes, which embed themselves into the carpet attaching to the fibres and no matter how fastidious we are with the vacuum cleaner,and removing shoes before we walk on carpets etc it is impossible to prevent these allergens from accumulating within the pile of the carpets over time,causing problems and agrivating  allergy  symptoms,  however wooden flooring is much easier to keep clean,particularly when you share your home with pets

Wooden floors are considerably more hygienic. You can simply sweep or vacuum them ,damp mop them as often as you like to ensure they are clean, and unlike carpets where the allergens can hide, wood floors do not harbor allergen causing dust mites, pollen or pet hair therefore reducing the symptoms of asthma and other allergic reactions and your family will enjoy living in a healthier, cleaner environment.

If you have wooden floors that have been hiding under carpets and need a little tender loving care to bring back their natural beauty and would like more information on our floor sanding,restoration and repair service , please contact us today .


Lime Washing

Lime washing floors is becoming more and more popular, giving your room a bright, clean and fresh “new England“ look, transforming a dark room to give the illusion of space and light. It looks great in smaller rooms as well as large areas. This effect can be achieved by sanding the timber floor and applying lime wash to the boards, whilst still retaining the beauty of the grain in your wooden floors. Interested? Call us for more information.

Parquet Flooring

Are you looking to extend your home and would like to extend your original parquet flooring into your new extension? We have now identified a company who will manufacture parquet blocks to the correct sizes of your original parquet flooring so it can be continued through to your new extension. Get in touch with us for more information.

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